Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

My Lists: Name, Things I Love, Things I hate

Of course I’m not putting my legal name on this! Signing the Declaration of Independence and risking public execution is a GOOD example of standing up for your beliefs. Cyber scum having that much easier a time tracking me is NOT.

So, to make Melville spin in his grave I open with…
Call me Marcie.

Things I love
My late husband
good tea
the sound a cat makes when she shakes her head and her ears rustle together in a whir like bat wings
Westminster Abbey
The Green Mountains
Weaponry from 300BCE to 1800 CE
the exploratory mode dogs get into which combines this great delicacy and off the meter hyper-sniffing
the point in winter when there’s been a fresh snowfall but it’s warm enough to go outside and smell the air.
stories, written or told
History and the irony of historical narrative

Things I hate
Having anything that I really can’t avoid using the word ‘hate’ for
Asthma attacks
college students who get drunk and kill people and pollute landscapes
society’s allowance of it
bad historical fiction
the subtle war of the clothing industry on anyone over size 8
The fact that evil dictators and horrendously stupid and mean society figures are alive and my husband, the best man I ever knew besides my grandfather, is not.
Standardized Tests
No Child Left Behind (nope, we’re just screwing them all)
white chocolate
people who park a foot and a half away from the curb, in winter, and consider it justified because it’s in front of a church–any denomination


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One thought on “My Lists: Name, Things I Love, Things I hate

  1. Shouldn’t a certain overweight Revolutionary War military figure be on the list of things you love?

    And you hate white chocolate? Me, I’m rather indifferent to white chocolate – hate seems to be a very strong word for something that lives in the chocolate family. But then, I absolutely HATE cilantro and there are people out there who think it’s the greatest thing since white chocolate…

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