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Comfort Food Chicken

2-6 chicken thighs, with skin–any amount or piece of chicken is fine–feel free to mix and match! Leave skin.
lemon juice
Powered Rosemary–this will NOT work with the dry leaf, so use Powdered Thyme if you can’t find rosemary.
Dry thyme
Optional: Dry Lavender, Organic or safe for consumption, Dry Savory, summer or winter variety
Tablespoon of whatever butter or substitute your doctor/wife/husband/mother superior/handler lets you use

Preheat oven to 350 F.
Arange chicken in medium-deep pan, skin up. Feel free to pick or trim excess fat.
Pour or squeeze lemon juice over chicken until bottom of the pan thinly covered.
Dust Secondary herbs of choice–anything NOT powdered Rosemary/Thme over meat.
Lightly cover meat with powdered Rosemary/Thyme–yes, it should look GREEN when you’re DONE with this step.
place pinky-nail size bit of butter, or butter whatever on each piece.
Cook for 35 minutes, baste thoroughly–if any charing on side of pan, mix with juices to turn the meat a lovely brown.
Cook 25 minutes more.
**if cooking split breasts only, they cook for 50 minutes, rather than 1 hour. If mixing pieces, put breasts in ten minutes into cooking.
**Goes wonderfully with ROASTED PEACHES and can be cooked in the same pan!


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