Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

With apologies to all real poets…

Western pioneer songs are not my thing, usually. Two weeks ago, during a bout with insomnia, I got “Home on the Range” stuck in my mind on endless repeat. I attempted to at least come up with some new words for it and this was the result…

Oh give me a home
Where the Obamas roam
and the wolves and endangered lynx play

Oh give me a place
where hate speech yields its space
to the need to care for what we say
(If we grew up and dared
to be respectful and fair
think of what we could do with each day)

Oh give me a house
where the tea baggers grouse
till they learn some true humanity–
not to mention the need
for Chris and Sarah to read
of course first tutored must they both be

Home, home our country
where we all say that we should be free
where my Choice is my own
and it’s not one mind alone
or lack of it to ever bind me


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