Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

First of many to follow…even if we all regret it…

Some time ago, I started a blog. I soon discovered that I had done so at the wrong time. Jobless Limbo is a great place to keep a handwritten journal, but a rotten place to try and provide commentary on the many factors one encounters in the events of their life. Now while I’m STILL eeking out my living on savings and the occasional part-time drywalling job I get in the parking lot of Home Depot Substitute Teaching gig, some things have changed.

For instance, two weeks ago, I got into one of my first two choices of Divinity School. I’m witholding the institution’s name to protect their reputation. Suffice to say it’s near the Boston area. Now, I still need to see what kind of scholarships and aid I can qualify for, and what my other first choice–which is also my reach–has to say. BUT: my chances of becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister look better this week than they did a year ago. I think my commitment level on this whole ‘vocation thing’ has shifted as well. I’m going to serve as a Druid for the rest of my life, hopefully as a minister at the same time, but if not, even if I end up selling insurance or changing oil on the weekdays, I WILL find a way to serve a community as a Druid, and that WILL be my JOB G-d^%$&it. My late husband Steve might have worked at Marriott as a front desk guy but his JOB was repairing and restoring antique trolleys and streetcars. So one way or another I am following my vocation and it’s time for me to stop being such a damned shrinking violet so wishy-washy about it.


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