Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

“Wait, a Truckload of WHAT?”

Steve and I did a fair amount of car travel, because the trolley museum he served on the board of is in Connecticut. He was their Archivist. I’d ride down to meetings with him once a month because it was a great excuse to spend a chunk of time together and have a picnic in the country. (Although an un-heated trolley barn in CT in January is a powerful motivation to re-read Dante and be grateful I’m not THERE).

So frequently, we’d encounter trucks from the Houey transport company.

That’s really it; I can’t do much better on this post but reminisce about how often my husband and I were passed by a big pile of Houey…

Even though it’s been years since the last time this happened, the memory of it can cause me to break into hysterical giggles.

Take care, Steve. See you again someday, I hope.


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