Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Atilla the Thrilla

“But we totally won,”
Said Atilla the Hun,
“And we had so much fun
I mean; we plundered a TON…
we picked up some girls
and big ropes of pearls…
We sacked all of ROME
We can’t just GO HOME!
There’s so much to see
So are you Kidding me?
And way back in Hunland, it’s too cold to pee…”

So they got back on their horses
And plotted their courses.
They coiled their rope
And then pinched the Pope.
They rode over the West
And slaughtered the best.
They scared all the babies
and frightened old Ladies.
No Maiden stayed chaste
and they ground buildings to paste.
And then finally,
At a ripe 43,
Poor Old Atilla
Cravin Vanilla
Settled deep in Manilla
with his pet Chinchilla.
And they say even now, on a dark summer night
you can still hear him braggin’ about his big fight…


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