Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Of cabbages and primal rage

This year our Reverend preached a wonderful sermon, in which she discussed love and compassion. Actually, being a UU minister, love and compassion come up a lot in her sermons–which is lovely and appropriate. In the particular sermon I refer to, she quoted a well known Buddhist monk and their teachings, which I am heavily paraphrasing here: “When we plant cabbages and they fail to thrive or taste good we don’t blame the cabbages. We try to find out is the earth is healthy, we plan different watering or fertilizing strategies. Why then can’t we do the same for other human beings when they act out. If we don’t blame the cabbage, why do we blame people?”

Now this is definitely not an idea I had myself. I can see that it makes an enormous amount of sense. Here’s my problem. When I encounter:

1. The parent who keeps an entire museum open during a record blizzard to drive their toddler and six other genetic legacies in diapers through said blizzard to use the museum (and the entire staff) for a birthday party.

2. The schmuck who leaves 5o beer cans on the ground, right in front of a protected waterway–and ten feet from a recycling bin.

3. People who smack or swear at their children.

….etc, I can try to avoid getting angry at them–the people/cabbages. I can, so far, do nothing about the primal and deep seated urge to find whoever planted the bloody people/cabbages and make them suffer in ways they could never imagine.

Sigh. Back to meditation.


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