Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Gilgamesh for the Scoobie Gang

Enki dinki do, what to do

I just can’t take you nowhere.

Enki dinki do, why won’t you

just frakkin wash your own hair.

Enki dinki do,

I love you

the way a guy in Ur just has to.

Enki dinki do

where are you

I just can’t live without you.

You know I worked so hard to clean you up

Until you stopped it with the crazy crap.

You know our bromance shouldn’t ever stop

Because you went and gave a sky-queen flak.

And man,  that’s a fact.

Enki dinki do

I’ll find you

If I have to go to Hell now.

Enki dinki do, when I’m with you

‘Know I’ll build that Zigg’rat somehow.


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