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Please…Just…Think? For a Second or Two?

I really do not want to make this post an angry one. I’m certainly capable of rolling out the scorn and slight regard. (Thank you Exeter and  Henry V.)  I just don’t want to make this blog about rants…or not entirely about rants. I’m not sure my inherent make-up isn’t naturally fused to a ranting drive,

But this is important, at least to me. In the face of Stupid Unjust Bigoted Acts of Petty Cruelty Behind a Good Facade–that we are seeing in a lot of news stories these days (pass the chik fil-a), I just think we need to remain aware. We need to remember that an ethical business takes that ethic all the way through, not just to the table in front of the customer. I’ve worked at so called liberal organizations that treat their employees like garbage while trumpeting their  virtues to anyone who will listen. And people do listen, and give these organizations money and yes, these orgs in turn do some good with that money–and use that good to justify the great harm they do that stretches from health and safety to cultural sensibility, to educational and moral ethics out into the environment. The video on this link didn’t surprise me, it just made me terribly and deeply sad.

If the Children’s Museum you think pioneers early education and great values pays its employees terrible wages, refuses to make their employees’ workplace (and therefore your kids) positive or safe, ignores cultural obligations, and treats working mothers unethically, are they still really champions of those liberal, oh so uber-ethical, multicultural values?

If the all-green, all eco-friendly town bans vegetable gardens while plastic garbage litters their streets are they succeeding at anything but hypocrisy?

If a historic preservation site lies actively about which buildings are original and which were fabricated fresh from the ground by eccentric rich people in the 1930s are they practicing an honest or ethical preservation program?

–you can see what I mean about rants.

Anyway. Somebody shared this on facebook a month ago. I can’t verify the claims in the video, but maybe the examples I’ve mentioned above will shed some light on why I have no trouble believing that insanities and inanities like this go on.

So please…just…Think? For a Second or Two?

None of us have all the answers. I certainly do not. But until we learn to hold everybody to a standard–a consistent standard–and everyone has to follow it or they don’t get support, no matter how much we think what they advertise or advocate is good…what will actually change for the better?


This link may work better:


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