Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

More Conversations Across the Mighty Chasm of the Valley of Death…Whatever…*

Steve: So you do know that you just made six references to ‘being in cemetary’ instead of ‘being in Seminary’ right?

Me: Yes, whatever.

Steve: You watched the entire documentary about the space shuttle program?

Me: Yeah, all the smart engineering types in plaid shirts and glasses reminded me of you.

Steve: Aaand yet, you did not catch the presidential debate.

Me: Do YOU want to spend that much time listening to Mitt the Twitt, let alone watching him furtively adjust his Jesus Jammies  whenever he thinks the camera isn’t angled on his mighty MWASC?

Steve: Huh? You mean ‘Mwaaasc’ like ‘mask’ with a supper snobby accent?

Me: No. Mighty White Anglo Saxon Crotch.

Steve: You’re weird.

Me: that’s why we remain such a good match, Dear.

Steve: Yeah. Fair enough.

Me: So every time I see some things I think about you.

Steve:  I know. Still can’t watch that movie we liked so much? Even the part with Robert DeNiro in drag?**

Me: Nope.

Steve: Oh. I was afraid I’d hurt you when we got together. Because of my funky heart.

Me: Yeah. You’re still worth it though.

Steve: You know I’m with you.

Me: Yes.

Steve. OK, Behave yourself.

Me: Honey, you’re the one who said ‘I always behave, the question is more HOW’.

Steve: Evil Grin that would intimidate Voldemort and Megatron combined.

*I write down conversations that I might have with my late husband. Opinions expressed originate…in anybody’s guess.

**Stardust, Neil Gaiman


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