Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Possible Evidence that I Have No Life

–Any documentary featuring A) Stephen Hawking and cosmology, B) World War II footage or C) the Hittite Empire  is an occasion for at least one delighted squeak and a “BIG PLANS TONIGHT” thought.

–I get really excited whenever I can afford real delli.

–Old Testament class is the highlight of my mid-week.

–My cat kills a mouse and that is the most exciting event I have to talk about.

–Learning how to make sharks on Facebook still delights me after two days.

–Cafe-bought coffee is the highlight of my entire day.

–Getting home from work by 5:30 is the equivalent of a spa retreat.

–Getting through a half hour on Dinning Hall shift without making a mistake at the cash register prompts a victory dance.

–Swearing in Latin is my major rebellion. (Although, to be fair, in a Divinity School, more people are likely to know how bad the stuff I’m saying actually is.)

–The closest I get to an attractive, single, straight man is by moving the TV closer.

–The most I get out is Doctor Who.

–I have to save Grimm on the recorder because the tension level is too much excitement if I can’t fast forward through the commercials.

–I feel like a highly evolved being whenever I keep up with my dishes and laundry.


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