Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Please…Just stop, and think. (Part 2).

You know what?

It IS disrespectful to talk about gun-control today.

It’s disrespectful to talk about the right to bear arms today.

We need to stop and understand that no matter how sincere our personal convictions are, BOTH sides of this debate are crawling with lobbyists and campaigners who are interested in ONE thing, and that is not the tragedy today, it is NOT our moral convictions it is increasing THEIR clout, fortunes and political power.

Anyone discussing anything else but the dead, their families, their community and the survivors…please. Just. Stop. And yes, I WILL break out my aspiring minister forefinger and POINT it. For. Shame.

I’ve had it. I try not to be absolutist. I try to keep sweeping statements out. I try not to talk politics on here because I’m either bad at it or can’t understand why anyone with half a brain or conscience or the common sense the Gods invest upon a cabbage leaf would believe some of the things they seem to.

Please pray for the victims and hold them in your heart. Please think of them kindly if that’s what you do if you don’t pray. Please, please don’t do anything to forward a political agenda today. From anywhere.


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