Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Please, just think about this #3 (and consider reposting the Hell out of any news you find on the story)

So, this has been going on:

Chief Theresa Spence has been hunger striking in Ontario since December 11.  I’ve struggled over how to blog about this. Her hunger strike, Raymond Robertson’s hunger strike, the Idle No More movement…I’m praying for them. I’m praying for them every day.This is why:

My ancestors fled two separate genocides, came through Canada and settled in the US. We are blessed to be citizens, yet do not owe countries our existence in quite the same way we owe this land–quota numbers, and prejudice were waiting for the Irish and the Jews when they arrived at national borders. The land gave us hope, sustenance, peace and final respite.  We owe our lives to this very continent herself. Her rightful Stewards, the First Nations of the US and Canada are facing terrible odds. Houses made out of cardboard boxes. Racism. Lack of empathy.

So every day (and I have fallen off the wagon a few times, I can admit; pride forbids me to number them) I am praying for the First Nations. I am praying for their victory, their health, their renewal, for justice and strength to the hunger strikers, the round dancers, the drummers and the singers. To say that their cause is just almost seems presumptuous. It’s not mine to judge. But in any way that I can fairly proclaim it: I believe that their cause is right, is just, is paramount.  This needs to happen. Change needs to come. Nobody needs to get kicked off their land, nobody needs to see this as a condemnation of all non-First Nations people simply because the Asshats, hypocrites and awesomely inadequate legislators are getting called out at last.  This needs to happen, in peace, in health in strength and with support–support that is coming in from other sides of oceans and different continents. Gods, please walk with them and with us all.


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