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A Narrative of Life Outside The Box

Memorial Day Prayer

(I got to deliver this during service after writing it for Memorial Day 2014)


A Prayer
Great Ladies,
Mother of Courage, Tenacity, wise counsel and safe return
Mother of Blacksmiths, convoy-mechanics, quartermasters, healers and chaplains
Mother of the Earth, of travelers and roads, those roads that keep life flowing, those roads unseen that the dead take to the West
We give you thanks.
We thank you for men and women who for so long now, in so many places, have run towards danger
have run to the explosion
The mine field
the hospital tent
the munitions
The wounded or trapped
The civilians in danger
the snipers’ sights.
We are free to believe whatever we may about war. We may pray or protest alike, speak or remain silent alike. Whatever we may do or say or argue or agree….We must know that men and women have died. Let us remember that they died to protect freedom, and in turn, let us use our freedom to honor their memory.
Holy Ones, please take all the dead of war into your hearts and your grace. Please wrap the women and men lost in combat in healing, love, and everlasting light. Please guide them on their journeys. Please shelter all those families left behind. And please give us a lasting, living Peace.
LGK, May 2014.
Eleven years since the invasion of  Iraq
Thirteenth Year of the war in Afghanistan.



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