Life After…Go figure

A Narrative of Life Outside The Box


I am a native of New England in my thirties. I am currently between jobs and careers. Four years ago my husband died, without warning, within three hours, of congenital heart related problems. I have been in the process of rebuilding my life and deciding what to do with it since. I am in school, exploring the possibility of continuing to learn and practice as a modern era Druid (10 years and counting) while becoming a Unitarian Minister.

The idea for this blog came from the experiences surrounding this choice, my observations on life in general. I’m someone who thinks outside the box because nobody sent her an invite to come inside it in the first place. I’ve decided to try writing about what I’ve seen as a result.

“Life After” reflects my struggle to make decisions about what comes now and next. “Go Figure” stands for the times I have spouted that phrase as I throw up my hands in wonder, awe and sometimes the Heebe Jeebes over the tiny portion of the Universe I have seen so far. Topics will include everything from religion to recipes, to travel and day to day life essays with a side of bad puns.


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